Scouts (12-15 years)

The Nautical Training scheme offers all Scouts the chance to develop maritime skills with The Helmsman Badges. These are divided into three levels, and follow on from the Boatman Badges, achievable in the Cub Scout Section. The Scout Helmsman Badges are based around eight areas of competency.

• Core skills for water activities
• Water Safety
• Water Activities
• Navigation
• Communications
• Nautical heritage
• Boat Maintenance, repairs, etc.
• Weather and Tides

The Scout chooses do the Helmsman Badges and builds on the skills and knowledge learnt in the previous Sections, if applicable, or can commence their journey gaining knowledge in all things nautical and planning around water activities.

Scouts participating in a dedicated nautical symbolic framework within their Section or Group are known as Sea Scouts. Team Leaders as Watch Leaders.

If the Troop do not have direct access to boats etc., Scouting Ireland’s own centre at Killaloe and Lough Dan offer training, and activities and the commercial Outdoor Adventure Centres around the coastline offer excellent water activities on a seasonal basis.