Conference FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a different cost for Youth member/ Adult member?
A: There is one delegate price structure to keep costs to a minimum for all.
Multiple accommodation options are available to suit individual needs/ budget.
Conference Dinner is optional if you would prefer just be around for day activities.

Q: Is there a separate Youth Programme?
A: It is important our Youth members are part of the conference activities to ensure they get the most value and tools to support, consider and lead their own programme back home.
A separate Youth Network Quarterdeck will feature to ensure youth members get a proper opportunity to meet and discuss ideas with their peers.

Q: Can Youth Members attend without their Scouter?
A: All Youth Members should be supported and monitored by their Scouter. If Youth Members are availing of camping options, their Scouter must also ensure they are supervised at the campsite.

Q: Where is the campsite in relation to the Conference venue?
A: Camping/ Indoor accommodation is a 10-minute drive at Knockingall Community Centre.
This is €6/night bookings made to

Q: What is Conference dress-code?
A: Scouting casual/ neckers for Conference.
Full uniform for Dinner.