Conference FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a different cost for Youth member/ Adult member?
A: There is one delegate price structure to keep costs to a minimum for all.
Multiple accommodation options are available to suit individual needs/ budget.
Conference Dinner is optional if you would prefer just be around for day activities.

Q: Is there a separate programme for Youth Members?
A: It is important our Youth members are part of the conference activities to ensure they get the most value and tools to support, consider and lead their own programme back home.
A separate Youth Network Quarterdeck will feature to ensure youth members get a proper opportunity to meet and discuss ideas with their peers.

Q: Can Youth Members attend without their Scouter?
A: All Youth Members should be supported and monitored by their Scouter. If Youth Members are availing of camping options, their Scouter must also ensure they are supervised at the campsite.

Q: Where is the campsite in relation to the Conference venue?
A: Indoor & outdoor camping accommodation is a 10-minute drive at Knockingall Community Centre.
This is €6/night bookings made to

Q: What is Conference dress-code?
A: Scouting casual/ neckers for Conference.
Full uniform for Dinner.

Q: Is the event for non-Sea Scouts as well as Sea Scouts?
A: Sea Scouting is just a theme and a framework some Scout Groups wear for emphasis on connectivity with the marine environment, nautical tradition, water safety and activities on the water.
Any Scout Group may attend, particularly if you are keen on developing your boating programme,