Sea Scouting (Gasógaíacht Mhara) has existed in Ireland since 1912. All Irish Sea Scouting Groups are members of Scouting Ireland.

What is Sea Scouting?
Sea Scouting Groups in Ireland operate the same as every other Scout Group in the Country. Some say Sea Scouts are just a little more magic than the rest but the only real difference is Sea Scouting Groups have a stronger committment to water safety, seamanship training and activities on the water.
The programme is designed to foster a love of adventure on the water alongside building technical activity skills and leadership afloat.
Typical activities may include; dinghy sailing, rowing, rafting, swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, powerboating, canoeing, marine science & oceanography, keelboat sailing, engine maintenance, chartwork & navigation, preservation of maritime heritage, water safety and seamanship; ropework, line-handling, meteorology, boat maintenance, communications.

Ireland and Sea Scouting is rich in maritime culture so you will often find Sea Scouting Groups emphasising a nautical framework and tradition in their activities.
Patrols are called Watches.
A Section Leader is called Skipper.
Most Sea Scouting Scouts, Ventures, Rovers & Scouters will wear the Navy-Knit Sea Scout Jumper, belt and duck (hat) as their uniform.
Most Sea Scouting Beavers & Cubs will wear the Navy-Knit Sea Scout Jumper.
Many Groups are know by their Port Number. eg. 1st Port of Dublin (Ringsend), alongside their normal Scout Group Number.
Blessing of the Boats/ Launch Day is an annual feature to formally start the summer boating season.
Laying-Up Supper is a celebration of a safe & successful year afloat.
Bravo-Zulu (BZ) means a job well done.

Sea Scouting Groups offer a balanced programme of land and water activities to their members by encompassing all aspects of the ONE Programme. Sea Scouts will find themselves just as comfortable on the mountains and hills as they are at sea level. Camping under canvas, campcraft and hiking expeditions are a normal part of the programme.

Sea Scouting is a nautical framework accessible to Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Ventures & Rovers.
Anyone can become a Sea Scout, regardless if you are located by the sea, a river, a lake, inland waterways or even your closest puddle; we are sometimes affectionately known as puddle-pirates! – The important thing is a committment to safety, seamanship and adventure afloat.

You can find your local Sea Scouting Group HERE.

There are approximately 3,944 (2018) Sea Scouts in Ireland, within 29 Sea Scout Groups, several of which are Nationally accredited training centres with Irish Sailing and Canoeing Ireland and the ability to offer recognised training and instructor pathways to their members.
Alongside this there is an extensive network of peer groups, external partners and active annual calendar of regattas and events.   
If your Scout Group has the eagerness or ambition to develop a nautical and Sea Scouting programme get in contact with us.
Water-Activities are a normal part of the Scouting journey. Some Scout Groups prefer not to committ to a Sea Scouting framework but sometimes a Section within that Scout Group would prefer to create a maritime environment and more structured activities afloat, who should consider developing a Sea Scouting programme.  
We would be very pleased to help you build your skills and present you a Port Number and the Sea Scouting Ensign!