Sea Scouting (Gasógaíacht Mhara) has existed in Ireland since 1912. All Irish Sea Scout Groups are members of Scouting Ireland.

Sea Scouting provides Scout training with and through water-borne activities. Sea Scout Groups should have a good programme of hiking and camping expeditions as well as boating.

Sea Scouting is a balanced programme of land and sea activities, where the water content is essential, not optional, and where maritime tradition and atmosphere is maintained. In the Sea Scout Programme water is as important a training and activity area as woodland and mountain.

The ONE Programme is the educational framework employed in Sea Scouting. Ireland currently has 29 Sea Scout Groups with over 2,800 youth members and 1,000 adult volunteers. Youth members can join at any age between 6 and 26 years old, and adult volunteers are 18 years plus. Several group are affiliated with the Irish Sailing Association and the Irish Canoe Union.