(18-26 years)
The Nautical Training Scheme for Rover Scouts is called the Mariner Awards and follows on from Venture Scout Navigator Badges. However someone who was not in Venture Scouts or did not follow the Nautical Training Scheme may still be able to take it on.

There is a very close fit between the Nautical Training Scheme and the Rover Scout Personal Progressive Scheme (the Rover Scout Challenge).

There are two stages in the Mariner Awards. The first requires the Rover Scout to participate in an expedition afloat, in a number of events, undertake an environmental project and begin working towards a qualification. The second requires the Rover Scout to take a leadership role in expeditions, to be pro-active in tackling a problem identified in the project, to participate in a number of events and to complete the qualification started in the first stage.

Rover Scouts participating in a dedicated nautical symbolic framework within their Section or Group are known as Rover Sea Scouts.