(6-8 years)
The Nautical Training Scheme offers all Beaver Scouts the chance to develop maritime skills individually, as a Lodge or as a Colony.

There are three progressive badges in the Nautical Training Scheme. These are referred to as The Boat Badges and are called Coracle, Currach and Skiff. The Beaver Scouts will begin by learning how to be safe around water as well as learning a little about the environment and how ships navigate. Later they will learn about boats, and boating that may take place around their local area.

The Boat Badges can be used to support a theme in the programme adding a nautical flavour and possibly culminating in an activity in or on the water. If you do not have access to boats in your own Scout Group, Scouting Ireland’s Water Activities Centre in Killaloe or a commercial Adventure Centre will be able to help you to get afloat to complete the requirements. The scheme offers plenty of opportunities for the Beaver Scouts to learn new things and put that to practical use in fun and challenging way.

You may also be able to link a visit to a life boat station or the coast guard. Remember, the Coastguard, RNLI and some independent groups operate on the larger inland lakes during the summer season. The RNLI and Coastguard have developed a number of educational resources which can be downloaded from or

It is particularly important when planning Beaver Scout activities in or around water that Scouters are aware of the need for adequate supervision. Beaver Scouts participating in a dedicated nautical symbolic framework within their Section or Group are known as Beaver Sea Scouts.