(15-17 years)
The Nautical Training Scheme for Venture Scouts is called the Navigator Badges and it allows the Venture Scouts to develop their maritime skills. It follows on from the Scout Section but can be completed by a Venture Scout who was not in the Scout Section, or did not pursue the Helmsman Badges at the time. There are four stages to be completed, each stage being centred on the eight areas of competency of;

• Core Skills
• Water Safety
• Technical Skills
• Navigation and Chartwork
• Signalling
• Nautical Heritage
• Maintenance
• Weather and Tides

The scheme is designed to work with the programme cycle in the Venture Scout Section and may be undertaken by an individual Venture Scout, by a Crew, or indeed by the entire Venture Scout Unit.

Venture Scouts participating in a dedicated nautical symbolic framework within their Section or Group are known as Venture Sea Scouts.

To meet the requirements a Venture Scout must get afloat several times. This may be achieved using equipment belonging to the Scout Group, on loan from a member or parent, through the SI Water Activities Centre in Killaloe or a commercial adventure centre.