Events are a central and exciting part of the Sea Scouting programme in Ireland.
Sea Scouting Groups host events locally and supported by the Sea Scouting Team.
Some of the most popular annual events are listed below;

Master Mariner
The Senior Seamanship Competition
Ventures, Rovers
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A camping event just before the Summer season where Sea Scouting Groups bring their tents and boats for a weekend of fun afloat and ashore!
Each coastal region typically host their own Splashdown event to connect with their local Scout Groups.
They event would be named after that region; Splashdown South-East.






Swimming Gala
Annual swimming races consisting of speed, endurance and life-saving skills.
Established in 1919 by the Port of Dublin Sea Scouts.
Cubs, Scouts, Ventures, Rovers
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Rowing Regatta
East Coast Skiff regatta raced in crews alongside some axillary punt and canoe sprint races.
Including the Woodlatimer Cup, often regarded as Sea Scoutings premium cup, awarded to the U17s male.
Thought to be the oldest Scouting competition in the World. Presented every year since 1914 with little exception other than years during WW2 when many Sea Scouts volunteered to the Admiralty as Signal Men.
Scouts, Ventures, Rovers, Scouters
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Scout Liffey Descent
Scouts, Ventures, Rovers
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Long Distance Skiff Race
Scouts, Ventures
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Lord Mayors Cup
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Sea Scout Triathlon
Scouts, Ventures, Rovers, Scouters
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Sailing Regatta
Scouts, Ventures, Rovers, Scouters
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Hamill Cup
Scouts Seamanship Competition
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Fry Cup
Ventures Seamanship Competition
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Gerry Hickey Cup
Cubs Seamanship Competition 
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Just Add Water Day







Sea Scouting Conference



If you are interested in developing, promoting or supporting an event, please contact the Sea Scouting Team for supports.

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